All about me…

Areas of Expertise:
Generative and evaluative UX and UCD research methods, facilitation and analysis, user interface design, information architecture, process mapping, use cases, wireframes, storyboards, personas, scenarios, conceptual design, functional design, interaction design.

Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Dreamweaver, Visio, Axure, iRise, MindManager, sarcasm, interpretive dance

An enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in bacon…

Over 10 years experience coordinating and conducting user experience research and design projects for complex web and software products in both private and public sectors. Worked both in-house and as a consultant, and possess extensive knowledge of multiple user-centred design methodologies and disciplines, including user experience research, user interface design, information architecture, process mapping, use cases, storyboards/wireframes, persona/scenario development, interaction design, and conceptual/functional design. Particularly passionate about computer gaming usability and information visualisation.

Half-Australian and half-New Zealander, otherwise known as a ‘quassi’. As a freelancer, once assisted the Russian government with their enquiries after unwittingly developing a website for a Russian gangster on the run.

Having departed the bronzed shores of Oz bound for Old Blighty in some perverse reverse First Fleet repatriation scheme, I now find myself in New York City (Brooklyn to be precise) living amongst the human filthies as a Resident Alien and thereby earning the difficult and obscure scout badge for living and working on a triumvirate of continents.

Any enquires should be directed to chris dot holmes dot nyc at gmail dot com.


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